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focus on Earth's wonders which may vanish in years to come

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"After the Floods: Puffball Mushroom'

Oil on Arches Paper
58cm x 76cm
Original sold at auction at
Ingleside State School Fair in December to raise funds for the school

Prints and cards available from the webstore.

The group of four are major gallery paintings, for purchase framed under glass or perspex
Cards ($3.50) , Postcards ($4) and Prints, small ($10) and medium ($15) are available
from my Summerthoughts.com webstore.

'Where the Glowworms Live'
Blackline and Watercolour on Arches Paper

More details and to purchase direct

'Where the Fireflies Dance'
Oil on Canvas
91cm x 122cm
Original painting,   $2,000
More details and to purchase direct

Oil on Canvas
91cm x 122cm
Original painting,   SOLD
More details and to purchase cards, prints


'After the Bushfire in the Banksias'
Charcoal and Prismacolour pencil
on art paper
81cm x 94cm
More details and to purchase direct

birthday party
'The Birthday Party'
Watercolour and gouache on Graphix card.
68cm x 87cm
More details and to purchase original direct

There is a variety of small scale ink and watercolour images to choose from here.
They all have a white border like this one (or will be sold with a border).

ink rainforest
Rainforest small C

ink and watercolour
on Arches paper
21cm x 30cm
This group is offered as
unframed $150 each from my Summerthoughts.com webstore

After the Bushfire Small

ink rainforest
Rainforest small A

ink rainforestRainforest small B

macadamia flowers
Macadamia flowers

These ink and watercolour rainforest drawings have been inspired by something I have seen on my bushwalks or something that neighbours have mentioned and that I have researched. The shapes and textures are really quite spectacular and the complex layers of bark, ferns and epiphytes are quite difficult to render with the blackline. Larger paintings such as 'Where the Glowworms Live' are very complex and my training in Celtic knotwork has certainly come in handy.
Rainforest A and Rainforest C are of the same tree but I experimented with negative space to challenge my obsession with detail. I think both are successful in their own way.
I like the dash of colour on 'After the Bushfire' small. The spring green is beautiful, so full of hope and after devastation. This small drawing inspired the major work 'After The Bushfire in the Banksias'. With blackline work it is difficult to render whites and you really have to think about edges. The Macadamia flowers are actually white and here rendered in green. To get that white I would have to give the whole thing a dark background so there's a balance that needs to be struck. The technique may not work in other places - that's the fun of problem solving in art. Your critical mind is always involved and it is good practice for the other work in life that requires critical thinking like which bill to pay first, what to build your house in? brick or timber and even how to make solar panels or space stations. 
Critical thinking makes us human.

Cards ($3.50) , Postcards ($4) and Prints, small ($10) and medium ($15) are available
from my Summerthoughts.com webstore.

These two drawings are not available as originals.

rainforest poster
'Rainforest of the
Tweed Border Ranges'
Available as Small and Medium Prints from webstore

"Rainforest Black and White Poster'
62 x 85cm
Wall Poster $10, Cards, Postcards and Medium and small Prints available from webstore


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